The gospel with no strings attached

During these COVID-19 days, our worship styles are altered a little, but the message remains the same.

Currently, we are worshiping on Sundays at 8:00 am and 10:00 am. Bible Class and Sunday School are held in between services from 9:15–9:45am. 


The 8:00 am service is held inside in the regular worship space. Social distancing is practiced in the worship space. Masks are advised, but not mandated. This service is live-streamed on our YouTube channel and remains archived on the website for you to watch at any time.  Worship folders for the current service may be found on the Worship & Bible Study page accessed via the menu at the top of this page.

The 10:00 am service is held outdoors in our shaded parking lot.

Bible Class is held in the regular worship space and Sunday School is held in our fellowship hall.

Please check out the calendar below for latest activities and worship service times.  As changes are made, the calendar will be changed to keep everyone up to date.  

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About our Church

We enjoy one another's company and do all we can to build each other up in the faith until at last, we reach the goal of our faith - heaven itself. I hope you enjoy meeting us on our website - Come by for a visit sometime and meet us in person! We will welcome you warmly!


Bible Information Class

We all want answers to life’s biggest questions. But the process for finding them often seems intimidating. Where do I even start? How do I read the Bible? Will I even understand it? 




We are excited to serve you and your child.  Your child will pursue Georgia’s preschool standards while learning to socialize with other children.  These academic and behavioral skills will prepare your child for all-day Kindergarten.


Pastor:  Jonathan Neumann



Preschool Director: Jeanne Thomas