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You can give by text anytime at  706-468-3800


In the message box, type in one of the following depending on what fund you want the money to go to (Note: “XX” represents the amount of money you want to donate.):


$XX  (Example: $25; this donation will default to go to the General Fund)

$XX Debt  (Example $25 Debt; this donation will go to the Mortgage/ Debt Fund)

$XX CMO  (Example $25 CMO; this donation will go to the Congregational Mission Offering Fund)

$XX Preschool  (Example $220 Preschool; this will be for making a Preschool Tuition payment)

$XX Soccer (Example $35 Soccer; this will be for making the soccer camp payment)

Hit send and you should get an immediate response that contains a link.

Open the link and a form should pop up with blanks to be filled out including name, address, and credit card information.

For any future donations, you can then just open your text message string and type in your donation amount followed by a space and the appropriate text code and hit send. You will not have to reenter all the payment information again. 


Note: A dollar amount with no text code after will default and go to the General Fund.


You may make a donation to the Church by clicking here.  If you choose to designate your gift for another form of ministry at Prince of Peace you will find that option here also.

Church in Martinez, GA
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